Health Care

We offer a number of programs that treat and help people live a healthy lifestyle. Primary care visits to the doctor, mental health counseling, and access to medical specialists for unique health challenges – just a few of our services below.

Volunteer Medical Clinic

We operate a medical office in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The clinic offers primary care for adults and children who may not have insurance. Additionally, it offers groups for chronic health issues. Yes, we speak Spanish!


Anchor Counseling

We believe everyone should take time to care for their mental health. As a licensed mental health care provider, we accept most forms of insurance and have opened our Anchor Counseling to everyone in the community.

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Dental Clinics

In the same D.C. location as our medical clinic, we offer a dental clinic that can see adults and children who do not have dental insurance. We also have clinics at the Catholic Charities Center in Silver Spring and the Susan D. Mona Center in Prince George’s County. We do most services on-site. Yes, we speak Spanish!

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Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health Services is a Core Service Agency with the District of Columbia, meaning anyone who has been approved for treatment through DC’s Department of Behavioral Health can select us for their primary mental health care.

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ChAMPS – Emergency Mental Health Care for Kids

ChAMPS (Child and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Service) is an emergency response service for children, teenagers and adolescent adults who are having a mental health or behavioral health crisis. DC residents can call 202-481-1400 for emergency mental health and psychiatric care 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Catholic Charities Health Care Network

For patients who have a referral from a primary care clinic, we help connect those patients with a medical specialist office when the patient does not have insurance to cover.

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