How We Help

We operate 59 programs in 35 locations all in Washington, DC and the surrounding five Maryland counties.
Some of the ways we help include:

Employment & Adult Education

Education and Employment Training

Understanding that education is central to securing better employment and a greater ability to grow, Catholic Charities offers several specialized education programs that teach new languages and new careers.

Legal and Financial Services

Legal and Financial Services

The Catholic Charities Legal Network provides pro bono services for clients with civil legal issues. Immigration Legal Services focuses on direct legal immigration services to foreign-born individuals and their families. And the Financial Stability Network focuses on financial coaching and education.


Food Assistance

We offer several programs that can help get food on your table tonight. We also run the SHARE Food Network, which makes groceries healthier, affordable and accessible.

Medical, Dental & Mental Health Care

Health Care

We offer many programs that address health care needs among families who need access to better health services. These include medical clinics, dental clinics, behavioral health services and counseling services.

Shelter & Housing

Housing and Shelter Programs

We understand how crucial having secure housing options is to the success of a family or individual. All of our programs are staffed by professional staff who have dedicated themselves to helping others get back on their feet.

Help for Children & Adults with Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities Services

We provide opportunities for a fulfilling future to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our programs are here to support them and their families and caretakers.

Help for Immigrants & Refugees

Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Washington, DC is home to a thriving and vibrant community of immigrants from around the world. We offer medical and dental services, immigration legal services, and connect our clients to jobs and language services at our refugee center.

Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach

We provide mentoring to men and women returning to their communities after incarceration.

Who We Help

We serve everyone who comes to us in need – regardless of social, economic or religious background.



Volunteers Give Back by Farming for the Hungry
27 October 2020

While the pandemic forced us to suspend most of our long-standing volunteer activities, we were able to introduce new opportunities for our community to safely give back to those in need. Tapping into a growing interest in home horticulture, we invited volunteers to lend a hand at our Mona Farm, where they have been able …

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Former Ambassador Helps Immigrants as Pro Bono Attorney
22 October 2020

By Daniel Clune Working with Catholic Charities representing undocumented immigrants on a pro bono basis has given me the opportunity to use my legal skills to assist good people contributing to the growth of our country. Prior to joining the U.S. Foreign Service in 1985, I practiced law for 10 years in Chicago in the …

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Volunteering in the Age of Coronavirus
16 October 2020

In the last year, 6,852 people volunteered more than 110,000 hours to serve people in need through Catholic Charities DC. Volunteers provide critical support to our staff, which has enabled us to help thousands of people each year. So, when the D.C. area shutdown from the pandemic, we had to quickly develop new ways to …

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Engage With Us

Upcoming Events

Catholic Charities Legal Network Virtual Golf Tournament @ Course of your choice
Oct 1 – Oct 31 all-day

For 16 years, an annual golf tournament has supported the pro bono legal services the Catholic Charities Legal Network provides to low-income people.

In 2020, the 17th annual event will be held virtually during the month of October. Gather your foursome, and golf in the spirit of Catholic Charities Legal Network (CCLN) on the course of your choice. If you need course options, we can help you find a tee time. Submit your score to CCLN to be included in the competition. Players will be recognized and trophies awarded during a virtual gathering from 4-6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 13.

For more information on supporting the work of the Catholic Charities Legal Network or to get involved, please contact Kelly Thompson. staff attorney, at 202-772-4300 extension 322.

Giving Back to Community

A D.C. neighborhood faces crippling food insecurity, and the Spanish Catholic Center responds with the help of KitchenWork food enterprise.