How We Help

We operate 55 programs in 34 locations all in Washington, DC and the surrounding five Maryland counties.
Some of the ways we help include:

Employment & Adult Education

Education and Employment Training

Understanding that education is central to securing better employment and a greater ability to grow, Catholic Charities offers several specialized education programs that teach new languages and new careers.

Legal and Financial Services

Legal and Financial Services

The Catholic Charities Legal Network provides pro bono services for clients with civil legal issues. Immigration Legal Services focuses on direct legal immigration services to foreign-born individuals and their families. And the Financial Stability Network focuses on financial coaching and education.


Food Assistance

We offer several programs that can help get food on your table tonight. We also run the SHARE Food Network, which makes groceries healthier, affordable and accessible.

Medical, Dental & Mental Health Care

Health Care

We offer many programs that address health care needs among families who need access to better health services. These include medical clinics, dental clinics, behavioral health services and counseling services.

Shelter & Housing

Housing and Shelter Programs

We understand how crucial having secure housing options is to the success of a family or individual. All of our programs are staffed by professional staff who have dedicated themselves to helping others get back on their feet.

Help for Children & Adults with Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities Services

We provide opportunities for a fulfilling future to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our programs are here to support them and their families and caretakers.

Help for Immigrants & Refugees

Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Washington, DC is home to a thriving and vibrant community of immigrants from around the world. We offer medical and dental services, immigration legal services, and connect our clients to jobs and language services at our refugee center.

Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach

We provide mentoring to men and women returning to their communities after incarceration.

Who We Help

We serve everyone who comes to us in need – regardless of social, economic or religious background.



On May 19, Help Catholic Charities “Do More”
13 May 2021

We were proud to announce the capital campaign – “Our Community, Our Commitment, Our Legacy” during Catholic Charities’ annual gala in March. The campaign honors our work helping and empowering those less fortunate with a goal to raise $100 million. We need your help, as we ask all of the Catholic Charities’ community to get …

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Catholic Charities Becomes a Trusted Source of Information on COVID-19
10 May 2021

Catholic Charities is playing an important role in helping vulnerable members of the community get accurate information about COVID-19 and make informed decisions about being vaccinated. Through the education of Catholic Charities employees, information and resources on health and safety are being cascaded to clients, particularly people of color who have been most affected by …

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Engage With Us


Upcoming Events

In the Name of the Mother Charity Golf Outing @ Blue Mash Golf Course
Sep 10 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

The “In the Name of the Mother” charity golf outing is an event organized by donors that provides crucial funding to help mothers battling cancer in crisis. Join them for an incredible day on the course as they continue this tradition and support important work in our community.

The fund was established in 2005 by Kevin McConville and his family and friends to honor Megan McConville, Kevin’s wife, who passed away from cancer in November 2004. The mission of “In the Name of the Mother” is to provide financial aid to mothers diagnosed with cancer, based on the principle that no mother undergoing cancer treatment should have to worry about how to keep food on her family’s table or how to keep her children safe and cared for. The money provided by “In the Name of the Mother” has provided financial assistance for rent, utilities, house cleaning, medical needs, food, wigs, and specialty clothes.

Please join us for the 16th Annual “In the Name of the Mother” charity golf outing on Friday, Sept. 10. Watch for an update on details.

Catholic Charities Gala 2022
Apr 9 @ 6:30 pm

Join Father John Enzler and the Board of Directors in celebrating the work of Catholic Charities at the 2022 gala on Saturday, April 9. Watch for an update on details.

Giving Back to Community

Donors and volunteers across generations talk about why they support Catholic Charities DC’s “Our Community. Our Commitment. Our Legacy.” campaign. They are saying “Yes” to this historic effort to support and sustain the powerful work of Catholic Charities in the Washington, D.C., and Maryland community. For details about the $100 million fundraising campaign and how you can participate, visit Our Campaign page