Our Mission, Vision and Values

Catholic Charities is the social ministry outreach of the Archdiocese of Washington. Motivated by the gospel message of Jesus Christ and guided by Catholic social and moral teaching, Catholic Charities strengthens the lives of all in need by giving help that empowers and hope that lasts. To this end, we affirm and support the dignity of all human life, strengthen families and serve the poor and most vulnerable.

Our Vision

With our responsibility to the community in mind, we will be recognized as an effective advocate for social justice. We will be a catalyst by which people are inspired and motivated to serve the poor and the vulnerable. We will create networks, work with parishes and partner with all who share our goals.

We will remain committed to the poor, especially the homeless, immigrant newcomers, at-risk individuals and people with mental and developmental disabilities. We will help individuals and families move from crisis and isolation to stability and growth. We will be accessible to those in need through comprehensive, integrated and culturally competent services. We will help all who want to get and hold a job to do so.

By setting standards of excellence and best practices, we will provide an environment in which our staff and volunteers can contribute their best efforts, grow and value their investment in our mission.

Our Core Values

We believe in the message of Jesus Christ that brings love, hope and redemption.

We affirm the sacredness and dignity of all human life.

We cherish the racial and cultural diversity of our staff and those we serve.

We expect uncompromising integrity in all we do.

We pursue excellence.

We pledge service to those in need regardless of their background, belief or circumstance.

Our Work

Catholic Charities assists individuals and families in need, especially those who are most vulnerable. We believe in helping people develop the skills and strength to move from crisis or isolation to stability and growth. We focus on prevention when possible, intervention when needed and advocacy when resources or opportunities are either inadequate or unfair. We are guided in this work by the richness of Catholic Social Teaching.

We are strengthened through partnerships with other providers, government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, businesses, individuals, schools and churches, especially our Catholic parishes. We collaborate with these resources and other community assets to offer programs that are effective and fiscally sound.

While Catholic Charities is the philanthropic arm of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, less than 1 percent of our overall funding comes from the archdiocese, which allows the agency to operate autonomously in our mission to serve the most vulnerable in our community. All funding the agency receives is used to support the designated Catholic Charities program or service.

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