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Helping Children in Transition

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington assists individuals and families in need regardless of race, status, or economic background. Whether people are seeking help for legal issues, immigration services, crisis counseling, food and nutrition programs,...
by Will Espinoza
June 29, 2018

An Award Ceremony Worth Celebrating

This post was written by: Luke Garrett, Summer Intern. Pure joy is a strong sentiment to come by and, at...
by Will Espinoza
June 21, 2018

More Than A Snack: Senior Snack Sak Program

It is common knowledge that we need healthy food and proper nutrition to survive and thrive, but in our society food is often seen as much more than simply a way to sustain life.  For generations...
by Will Espinoza
May 21, 2018

In Memory of James Daniel (JD) Murphy, Jr.

Catholic Charities is saddened by the loss of one of our dear friends, JD Murphy.  While his entrepreneurial spirit and...
by Will Espinoza
April 17, 2018

Volunteering Can Bring Unexpected Joy

Volunteers are the backbone of the SHARE Food Network.  The core mission of the program is to provide fresh, nutritious...
by Will Espinoza
February 14, 2018

A woman with nowhere else to turn

Scared, with no one to turn to, Carla* was in a country where she didn’t speak the language and had endured serious abuse as a victim of sex trafficking.  After being trafficked in several states, the...
by Will Espinoza
January 14, 2018

A Young Man Finding His Voice

When Christopher first came to Catholic Charities he relied on a Dynavox speech device and sign language to communicate with...
by Will Espinoza
December 15, 2017

Looking Forward from Homelessness

In May, Sherri came to Southern Maryland hoping to reunite with family. She was staying in a motel while desperate...
by Will Espinoza
May 24, 2017

Never Too Late for a New Beginning

Before Vernon started installing siding on houses, he had never picked up a hammer. But the laborious work provided a...
by Will Espinoza
May 17, 2017

An Immigrant Chasing Her American Dream

When someone comes to our Catholic Charities Center, the first person they often meet is 19-year old Marlene. Smiling and...
by bbdeveloper
April 25, 2016