Healthier Families. Stronger Communities.


The SHARE Food Network is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to offering healthy, nutritious groceries at a roughly 50 percent discount.  This is accomplished through high-volume purchasing and thousands of volunteer hours, which strengthens the community for all.  SHARE food packages are available to anyone who is interested.

SHARE is a sustainable, social enterprise of Catholic Charities that helps ANYONE save money on healthy food. We are devoted to supporting local community groups where all may participate, serve, and lead with dignity.

SHARE is committed to:

  • Providing wholesome and nutritious food to families and individuals at a reduced cost
  • Promoting volunteer service in our communities
  • Building partnerships with community organizations

monthly value packages

Monthly value packages cost just $25 and include up to $50 worth of basic and healthy groceries; always four to six pounds of frozen proteins and 8 to 12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes with seasonal grocery or dessert items.

If you are the representative of a hosting organization, please look for our order forms now under Host Site Resources!


Who can participate?

If you eat, you qualify!  SHARE is a great equalizer in a world of great inequality.  Everyone is welcome to purchase without application, qualification, identification, or documentation. Everyone receives the same, fresh, high-quality food.

Because we purchase all the food we offer, the more who join us the STRONGER we become.

SHARE accepts organizational or business checks, credit and debit cards, EBT/SNAP benefits, money orders, and gift certificates.