Our Case in Brief

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$55 Million Goal

Over the next five years, we will invest $50 million in existing programs and $5 million to integrate the new COMPASS program into our portfolio of care.

With the help of more than 850 employees and about 7,000 volunteers, Catholic Charities administers programs in 34 locations across our region. We are committed to providing access to food, a warm place for rest and attention to the physical and mental needs of those in our care.

Over the next five years, our essential programming — the foundation and core of our organization — will require a philanthropic support to effectively operate. This significant investment will provide the continuation of care for the individuals we serve.

$30 Million Goal

Invest $6,000,000 each year for the next five years to strengthen the endowment, provide annual support for central services, and increase program resources.

Looking to the future of the communities served, we know investing in our endowment is urgent. Catholic Charities’ financial vitality depends on significantly increasing our endowment. A strengthened endowment will provide us with the ability to extend our strategies, strengthen vast services and programs, and plan for the future, even in periods of uncertainty.

$15 Million Goal

Invest $3 million each year for the next five years in the Newcomer Network, a new three-part initiative that will improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable immigrants.

Despite contributing so much to our community, many immigrants face economic, legal and other challenges. Catholic Charities has identified, through the Newcomer Network, the opportunity to serve this community by increased Immigration Legal Services and pro bono services, connections to comprehensive support, and a parish network to serve immigrants where they are.

If you have questions about the “Our Community. Our Commitment. Our Legacy.” campaign or would like to discuss a donation, please contact us at campaign@cc-dc.org.