Success in a New Country

by Will Espinoza | February 7, 2019

When his mother left her six children in Cameroon to come to the United States, she envisioned creating a better life for them all.  She had hoped all her children would soon follow her to her new country. Unfortunately, only one of her children was approved to come to the United States.  Ludovick, a trained construction worker in his homeland soon found himself in a new country where he didn’t speak the language and his skills were no longer capable of landing him a job.

Without a resume, past experience, or a strong grasp on the language of his new country, Ludovick found every interview he went on ended with the same response – No. After struggling to make ends meet, a family friend suggested he reach out to Catholic Charities.

He was soon enrolled in various programs and services offered to help him assimilate, Catholic Charities staff took the time to learn about his needs and goals.  He enrolled in ESOL classes, and as his language skills began improving so did his hopes for the future.

It wasn’t long before Catholic Charities staff learned that Ludovick had worked construction in Cameroon.  They worked to enroll him in the Green Construction program.  This nationally certified curriculum prepares graduates for a career in the construction industry as they receive a nationally accredited certificate in green construction.

This past spring, Ludovick used his English skills to share his story as part of his graduation ceremony, but his success hasn’t ended.  He is currently working full-time in the construction and concrete industry.  He is a member of the Carpenters Union in Upper Marlboro, and he plans to continue learning as much about the industry as he can.  He sees his chosen career path as a way to build for the next generation and leave a legacy through his work.