Meet the Enzler Society: Bryan Petrich

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This is the last in the series of profiles of officers in the Enzler Society, a group of young professionals and emerging philanthropists who support the mission of Catholic Charities through volunteerism and networking.

Bryan Petrich, networking chair

Hometown: Evergreen, Co. 

Occupation: Strategic Communications Professional

How long have you served with the Enzler Society? Two years 

Why did you join the Enzler Society? I joined the Enzler Society to give back to our DC community and expand my local network of young Catholic professionals. I was also drawn to ES by the partnership with the Youth Transitional Program, which allows us to help some great young men overcome transitional homelessness and get their lives back on track.

What’s your favorite Enzler Society activity? The most rewarding activity for me has been working with the young men from YTP on basic professional development, whether it’s resume writing, mock interviews, or just helping them brainstorm potential job opportunities to pursue. 

What’s your favorite memory? My favorite memory has been going on a private tour of the National Portrait Gallery with the guys from YTP. Most of the guys had never been to the museum despite growing up or spending several years in D.C. It was great to share that culturally enriching experience with them.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 I’m most looking forward to working with YTP on job placement and career opportunities. Anything we can do to help these young men find meaningful employment can really change their lives for the better.

For information about joining the Enzler Society, visit our website.

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