Students currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs are encouraged to apply for a rewarding, hands-on internship with Catholic Charities. We have placements with clinical supervision for students of social work, nursing, education, clinical psychology, occupational therapy and other fields. We offer  placements that are supervised by licensed professionals and expose the students to social welfare policy implementation in a variety of fields and general work experience.

Why Serve

Develop a broad set of work skills in a professional setting and have opportunities for leadership building, networking, community impact, learning from experts and executives. We offer clinically supervised and nonclinically supervised internships.

Types of Internships

Graduate-level Clinically Supervised Internships

A clinical intern is a graduate level student who requires specialized supervision by a licensed professional (e.g. social workers or medical professionals). Examples of clinical interns include a Master of Social Work (MSW) student who needs supervision by a social worker with specific license and a nursing student who needs to work with trained medical professionals.

Programs that engage clinical interns change on a yearly basis. Examples include:

  • Counseling and Intake Program: The Counseling and Assessment program at Anchor Behavioral Health has a competitive rotation of three internship positions. Candidates should be second-year students in a graduate program working toward an MSW or graduate degree in clinical psychology. Students will be working in a counseling and assessment role with clients managing their chronic mental illness.
  • School Based Mental Health: The School Based Mental Health program provides mental health support to teachers, staff, and students across public and charter schools in Washington. Second year MSW students will work alongside licensed clinicians to promote students’ mental health needs and provide access to resources across three tiers of support: promotion and primary prevention, focused interventions, and intensive individualized therapy.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): The Assertive Community Treatment program works out in the community to reach individuals experiencing chronic mental health challenges. The ACT team is a multidisciplinary one comprised of mental health professionals, nurses, and social workers, who work directly with clients to set goals towards progress and independent living. Spanish-speaking applicants are highly encouraged to apply for this program internship placement.
To Apply
  • Master of Social Work academic internship, apply here.
  • Nursing academic internship, apply here.
  • Clinical counseling academic internship, apply here.

Undergraduate Summer Internships

Applications for Catholic Charities’ summer 2024 internships have closed.

High School Interns

We are sometimes able to accommodate requests for individual internships or senior projects required for high school graduation. For information, contact us.


  • Fall  – Students apply by late July and the internship will begin in late August.
  • Spring  – Students apply by late October and the internship will begin in late August.
  • Summer  – Students apply by late July and the internships will begin in late August.

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