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Expressing Their Faith by Giving to Catholic Charities

By Catherine Lee While serving food at a Catholic Charities breakfast for the homeless, Marcia Shooshan met a man named Jeffrey. He appeared to have vitiligo, a condition that leads to white patches on the skin...
by Kate Kennedy
January 21, 2022

Behavioral Health Services Respond as Demand for Mental Health Help Increases

By Catherine Lee Alexis Daye and Karen Ostlie Members of a Catholic Charities spirituality and recovery group recently published a...
by Kate Kennedy
January 6, 2022

Newcomer Network Provides Hope and Critical Services for Immigrants

By Catherine Lee Five years ago, as an immigrant traveling to the United States, “Liliana” was excited about starting a new life. Engaged to be married, she was looking forward to her wedding and having a...
by Kate Kennedy
January 3, 2022