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January 2021 - Catholic Charities DC

Creating a Legacy of Impact

Joe Dempsey stood tall in the vast parking lot, signaling to hundreds of cars as they snaked their way to a distribution point for free food and meals. With his son nearby, Joe directed food assistance...
by Kate Kennedy
January 25, 2021

‘I need a miracle every day’

By Stephanie Lennon If you are a fan of the band The Grateful Dead, you will recognize that phrase as...
by Kate Kennedy
January 19, 2021

Thank You From Catholic Charities

Caring for those who are struggling and in need — regardless of their background, belief or circumstance — is what we do every day. And we did it even in fiscal year 2020, a year unlike...
by Will Espinoza
January 12, 2021

Continuing a Giving Tradition Despite Obstacles

By Marco Calito As we close the holiday season, we know that traditions could continue despite challenges from COVID-19. One...
by Kate Kennedy
January 5, 2021