Young Professionals: Changing the Face of Philanthropy at Catholic Charities

by bbdeveloper | January 27, 2020

What springs to mind when you hear the word “philanthropist?”

Whatever your definition might be, we at Catholic Charities
know that anyone can be a philanthropist. If you can donate $1 or an hour of
your time to a cause you’re passionate about, you are a philanthropist.

It can be hard for young professionals to consider
themselves philanthropists, but millennials are shaping up to be one of the
most charitable generations. An astounding 84
percent of millennials
donate to charity and give an average of $481 (even
though they earn less than previous generations). And while baby boomers
currently account for the largest percentage of overall charitable giving,
millennials will be on the receiving end of one of the largest transfers of
wealth, an estimated $68
trillion by 2030
. This is significant considering that this age group is
known as the “impact generation” because of its already high levels of
engagement with philanthropic causes.

When it comes to volunteering, 70 percent of U.S. millennials
are reported to have volunteered at least an hour to a charitable cause, according
to a study
by the research group Achieve sponsored by the Case Foundation, and
77 percent said they would be more motivated to volunteer if they could use
their professional skills to help those in need.

Younger generations are passionate, informed, and committed to making the world around them a better place. They are not waiting to become philanthropists because they’re busy redefining philanthropy itself.

At Catholic Charities, we know this is true because we’re
fortunate to have an engaged group of young volunteers and donors to amplify
the work we do. We are grateful to them for prioritizing their support for our
mission by donating their time and treasures. From financial coaching to
refreshing homeless shelters to serving hot meals to the hungry, these young philanthropists
have formed a special community that is committed to positively impacting the
lives of thousands of people in need. By contributing to Catholic Charities, they
are building a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

For the next few weeks, we will introduce you to some of the
incredible young professionals who are changing the face of philanthropy
through their work with Catholic Charities.