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Catholic Charities successfully recruited ongoing volunteers in our Spring into Volunteering Call for Volunteers campaign. Sign up for our wait list below and be the first to hear about our Fall Call for volunteers. Applications will open in August!

Twice a year, Catholic Charities recruits volunteers for ongoing roles. Ongoing roles require a weekly, year-long commitment to service. The roles change each season, but they typically include opportunities for mentoring, teaching, medical and legal pro bono professionals, and behind the scenes support. These roles require an application, conversation with program staff about expectations, and at least a 75–hour commitment including orientation and training. Each season, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities, including in-person and remote options. 


Ongoing Volunteer

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Below are two ways you can learn more about volunteering with Catholic Charities.

Quick and easy. Type in your name and email address and you will be the first to hear when we open our application window for ongoing volunteer roles. Volunteers will apply in August and September, complete screenings and attend orientation in September, and begin volunteering late October. 

Sign up here!

While you are waiting to apply for an ongoing role, sign up for Catholic Charities event opportunities on our current opportunities page. For these activities, you can sign up and show up!

applying to volunteer

  1. All ongoing volunteer roles are posted on this page. Choose a role from the list below and click the “Learn More & Apply” button. 
  2. Select one role and apply by the deadline. If you are interested in multiple roles, email volunteer@cc-dc.org.  
  3. You must complete and submit the application in one sitting. For all roles except attorneys, have the following information ready:
    • Photo of government-issued ID 
    • Photo of COVID-19 vaccination card
    • Social Security number to complete Background Check Authorization form. If you do not have one, email volunteer@cc-dc.org for a different screening process. 
    • 3 names and email addresses for references (personal or professional, but not a relative) 
  4. Click “Fill in an Application.” Make an account if you do not have one already. 
  5. Complete the application and click “Submit.” 
  6. Receive an email with next steps! 

We have opportunities for volunteers with a variety of experiences, skills, and backgrounds! Most ongoing volunteer opportunities on this page are available to volunteers 18 years of age or older. All in-person volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Click on the “Learn More & Apply” buttons below for the specific requirements for each role. Volunteers must meet the “Qualifications” listed but are not required to have all of the “Desired Experience, Skills, & Characteristics.” Training will be provided for all volunteer roles. If none of these roles are a good fit, we can still use your help! Check out ourshort-term volunteer opportunities.  

  • Spring: February – Late March; Begin Volunteering in May
  • Fall: Early August – Mid-September; Begin Volunteering in October


Whether you are waiting to hear back about an ongoing volunteer role or looking for a short-term volunteer opportunity, check out our volunteer calendar. For these activities, you can sign up and show up!

Are you excited to volunteer but not sure what role is a good fit? Do you have questions about your qualifications for certain roles? Do you need help completing an application? Email lett.proctor@cc-dc.org or laura.watkins@cc-dc.org to schedule a time to talk.

Curious about the types of ongoing volunteers?

Read an overview of the types of ongoing volunteers Catholic Charities typically recruits

Volunteer for Health & Wellness

Several Catholic Charities programs help people be healthy and live well. Primary care visits to the doctor and dentist, mental health counseling, and access to medical specialists for unique health challenges are some of the many services offered. Volunteer to be one of our pro bono healthcare team members or volunteer for one of our important support roles. 

Volunteer for Immigrant Justice & Advocacy

Catholic Charities provides legal and support services for many refugees, immigrants, and survivors of trafficking who could not otherwise afford it, thanks to our professionally trained staff, a network of pro bono aides, and support volunteers. 

Volunteer for Economic Justice

Catholic Charities works with people from a variety of backgrounds to set and achieve financial goals. Whether you are helping the Financial Stability Network enroll more clients in their courses or working with a Compass member to achieve their dream to start their own business, volunteers are essential to our work for economic justice. 

Volunteer for Stronger Families

Catholic Charities provides holistic support to families living with a variety of challenging circumstances. Help these families thrive by volunteering in one of the following roles.  

Volunteer for Community Connection

Catholic Charities believes the whole community is responsible for supporting one another. To that end, we work hard to engage community members in our work and make our communities more welcoming and hopeful places for all. Join us in this effort by volunteering for one of the following roles.