Be the Reason that Our Hungry Neighbors are Fed

Inflation, rising gas and food prices, and the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment have made it difficult for families to make ends meet. No need has been as great as the need for food.

The pandemic shined a light on food insecurity. Now, almost three years since the start of COVID-19, the needs of families haven’t changed.

More than one-third of the residents of the Washington, D.C., area report being food insecure or severely food insecure, according to a Capital Area Food Bank survey.

We continue to see large numbers of people using our three pantries in D.C. and Maryland to meet their food needs. Hunger and food insecurity are not going away. 

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Catholic Charities Leads in the Fight Against Hunger

Catholic Charities is on the front lines in the fight against hunger in the region. Last year alone, we provided more than 2.9 million meals to those in need — more than during the years before the pandemic.

From community food distributions to St. Maria’s Meals, Catholic Charities combats hunger and food insecurity with initiatives that reach people in the diverse circumstances where they live.
Regular distributions provide those living in poverty hot meals, bags of emergency sustenance, snack bags, and ready-to-eat family-style meals. Our food pantries are a dependable source of nutritious staples in D.C. and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

In the last fiscal year alone:

  • 29,150 grocery packages and 10,444 ready-to-eat meals were given out in special community pandemic food distributions.
  • 92,636 SHARE Food Network grocery packages filled with healthy foods were distributed.
  • 8,247 people, many with young children, were assisted by the Spanish Catholic Center food pantry in Northwest D.C.
  • 62,355 nutritious meals were given to people without homes, seniors, and families with children through three weekly St. Maria’s Meals programs.
  • 7,917 people received food assistance from the Catholic Charities Center pantry in Montgomery County.
  • 429,359 pounds of food — the equivalent of 357,799 meals — were distributed by the Southern Maryland Food Bank, and 2,631 meals were served by the mobile food van Meals & Hope.

Just as compelling are the stories behind the numbers. Like the mother of three who received weekly grocery bags when school was closed for the summer. The help from the Southern Maryland Food Bank supplemented her stretched-thin food budget. “Not only was it nutritious, but it was tasty,” she said in expressing her gratitude.

Help feed your hungry neighbors this holiday season

The Virtual Food Drive helps ensure our food programs continue for another holiday season and the winter that follows. Your gift will help meet our greatest food assistance needs.

Give the gift of a meal.


Give the gift of time

This fall and winter, volunteer with a Catholic Charities’ food program.

Spend a morning at the SHARE Food Network, preparing food for distribution. Assist SHARE with the distribution of grocery packages. Help out at a community food distribution in Riverdale, Langley Park or Ward 8 Or, serve a hot meal at St. Maria’s Meals in downtown D.C. or Temple Hills.