Strong Families Initiative (SFI)

Strong Families Initiative (SFI) is a Montgomery County program that works closely with select parishes, schools, and community-based organizations to provide Latino youth and their families an outlet to discuss hardships they are facing and to be better equipped to face future difficulties. 

SFI facilitates group circles where youth can comfortably discuss issues, while also learning about important skills needed to transition into positive adults. Youth circles emphasize the importance of words and actions and help students to build a community where they can be vulnerable and held accountable. 

Group circles are also available for parents to discuss family adversity issues in a nonjudgmental environment. Parent groups focus on techniques to strengthen family cohesion, establish weekly goals, and build a community that nourishes healing, growth, and learning. 

In both groups, SFI underscores the importance of building community and learning to be our authentic selves as a way of restoring the individual and, thus, the family.

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