Strong Families Initiative

Emphasizing the importance of building a supportive community, Strong Families Initiative cultivates

un pueblo” (a community) where Latinos can feel secure sharing their stories and are encouraged to embrace their authentic selves. The program honors their cultural heritage as they continue to bring it to life within their new community.

About the Program

Strong Families Initiative is a family ministry that collaborates closely with select parishes, local schools and community-based organizations. The program focuses on Latino families encountering or anticipating hardships, especially newcomer youth. Group circles allow clients to navigate difficulties and foster constructive discussions and build community connections.

Youth circles highlight the significance of words and actions, fostering a community where vulnerability is embraced and accountability is encouraged. Strong Families Initiatives also offers parent circles to address family adversities in a nonjudgmental environment. Parent circles concentrate on techniques to enhance family cohesion, establish weekly goals and nurture healing, growth and learning.

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Group Circles

Youth Circles

Promoting healthy relationships and a safe space for newly arrived and U.S.-born Latino youth to share experiences and create friendships (Bilingual, Spanish/English)

The youth circle focuses on the need for building community to heal, the importance of self-reflection, words, actions and culture. The objective of the six to 12-week activity is to offer newly arrived or U.S.-born Latino middle-school and high school-aged youth a safe space where they can share openly, set weekly goals and discuss essential key topics. The circle supports youth in their journey to become positive community members.

Parent Circles

Parent and Guardian Support Circles: Supporting parents and guardians as they acquire skills to communicate with their newly arrived or U.S.-born Latino youth (Spanish program).

Our judgment-free parent and guardian circle concentrates on family adversities, establishing weekly goals and learning the importance of building community to nurture healing. Hosted concurrently with the youth circle, parents and guardians provide a safe space for them to express themselves while they learn ways to improve family communication and relationships.

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