Meet the Enzler Society: Caitlin McNamara Chalke

by bbdeveloper | January 29, 2020

This is one in a series of profiles of officers in the Enzler Society, a group of young professionals and emerging philanthropists who support the mission of Catholic Charities through volunteerism and networking.

Caitlin McNamara Chalke, co-chair of the Enzler Society

  • Hometown: Bethesda, Md.
  • Occupation: Director of communications at Connelly School of the Holy Child.
  • How long have you served with the Enzler Society? Five years.
  • Why did you join
    the Enzler Society?
    I grew up with
    Catholic Charities being a part of my life thanks to my parents. Once I moved
    back to D.C. from Boston, I wanted to get involved with this great organization
    to give back to those in need and meet other young professionals in the area.
    After five years, I can gladly say I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Youth Transitional Program (YTP), participating in other programs and meeting
    hundreds of new people.
  • What’s your
    favorite Enzler Society activity?
    favorite activity so far has been taking the YTP clients to miniature golf. We
    had all the clients there plus about a dozen Enzler Society members, and we had
    a great day playing golf together followed by lunch. I was able to bring my son,
    so he was able to meet the clients and enjoy a day of giving back.
  • What’s your favorite
    One of my favorite memories with
    Enzler Society was our Christmas party with the YTP clients about two years ago.
    We gave everyone presents for themselves and their family, a Visa gift card,
    and tickets to an upcoming Washington Nationals game. Their faces of pure joy were
  • What are you
    looking forward to in 2020?
    I’m looking
    forward to meeting new YTP clients and introducing the Enzler Society to them.
    We developed such great relationships with these men, and it’s nice to meet new
    participants once they start the program.

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