Looking Forward from Homelessness

by Will Espinoza | May 24, 2017

In May, Sherri came to Southern Maryland hoping to reunite with family. She was staying in a motel while desperate to find a home for her one month old daughter, Rebecca and herself. She was quickly sent to Angel’s Watch, our shelter for women and their children who are homeless and/or fleeing domestic violence. Sherri and Rebecca were fleeing both.

Less than six months later, Sherri could never have imagined she would be standing in front of Pope Francis. The Holy Father walked right up to Sherri, gently touched her hand, and kissed Rebecca, who was dressed in a beautiful white dress. “It was honestly the most amazing experience,” Rebecca said. “To have a blessing come from such an influential and loving leader, I don’t even know what to say.”

Sherri moved to southern Maryland to reunite with her two sons, who had been living with Sherri’s mother after Sherri realized she couldn’t provide them a stable home. Since coming to Angel’s Watch, Sherri has found a new path and hope that she can live independently and reunite her family. She’s beginning training as a certified nurse’s assistant and eventually become a Registered Nurse. She was inspired after caring for her aunt, who passed away from breast cancer. In all of her plans, however, never did she figure Pope Francis would be in her future.

“He looked directly at me and smiled,” Sherri said. “I felt filled with light.”