The Catholic Charities Health Care Network connects low-income and uninsured patients with specialized, pro bono health care services. Patients are referred from community-based health clinics. Through a network of specialists of all practices and several area hospitals, thousands receive desperately needed health services each year.


Access to the network begins with a referral from one of 22 community health clinics. We connect clients, who meet income and other eligibility criteria, with health care providers who provide services at a minimum cost to the patient.

Get Involved


Volunteer as a practitioner: The pro bono specialists, who work in 42 specialty areas, treat our patients right in their own offices. These medical volunteers are the life of our network. We work with each specialty provider to determine how many patients they can see per month/year, as well as paperwork and scheduling processes.  If you would like to give back through your practice, please call us at (202) 481-1424 or send us an email.