83.33 Society

The Next Generations of Giving

Catholic Charities’ 83.33 Society is a social investment in the Washington area community by some of the area’s top emerging leaders.

Members of the 83.33 Society are redefining philanthropy by sharing their talents, time and treasures to serve those in need. They make a difference through a collaboration of philanthropy, volunteerism and fundraising.

By participating in networking and volunteer opportunities, they increase awareness of the issues facing D.C. and surrounding Maryland counties and lead by example in how those in the community can be agents of change.

Become a philanthropist. Lean in to giving. Lead your generation’s efforts to make a difference in your community. Be a part of inspiring hope and building futures. Follow us @ccadwnextgen and @ccadw on Instagram.

Join Us and Have an Immediate Impact

Become a monthly sustainer as part of the 83.33 Society. As an annual benefit of joining the 83.33 Society, you will be invited to an exclusive philanthropist cocktail party hosted by society chairs. In addition, you will receive our newsletter, Giving Back, be listed as a member in our annual report, receive an annual personalized giving statement and have access to volunteer opportunities, networking events and other special opportunities.

Here’s how your donation can have an impact:

Recurring Giving Matters

Recurring donations matter to Catholic Charities because consistent monthly gifts allow us to better anticipate revenue and expand the possibilities for our impact on those in need. It’s easy to sign up and your donations are automatically withdrawn from your credit or debit card.

83.33 Membership


Chris and Michelle Connolly

Executive Committee

Matt Carroccio, sponsorship chair

Emily Coccaro and Bahar Caulfield, events chairs

Lisa Manfreda, gala committee representative

Connor McCarthy, recruitment chair

Connie Mitchell, school liaison

Renee Redpath, fundraising chair

Founding Members

Carolyn and Matt Carroccio

Caitlin McNamara and Chris Chalke

Dresden Koons and Alex Perdikis


Justin and Tara Arras

Paul and Lauren Baker


Mike Beland and Cate Hodgetts

Eric and Kristen Billings

Scott and Lauren Billings

Tom and Courtney Billings

Katherine Black

Katie and Bill Blot

Mary Bray and Daniel Cook

William and Katie Breslin

Elizabeth Brooks

Chris and Anna Brown

Ben Brundred, IV

Vince and Jennifer Burke

Joe and Shannon Burkhart

Carl Metz and Courtney Byrd Metz

Nat and Brigid Calamis

Katy and Terence Callahan

Billy and Egan Cannon

Chris and Amanda Carroccio

John and Marcy Carroccio

Matt and Carolyn Carroccio

Philip and Bahar Caulfield

Jon Chase

Chris and Caitlin Chalke *

Andrew and Kelly Cleary

Chris and Emily Coccaro

Alex and Caitlin Conant

John and Ronnie Conley

Steve and Kristen Conley

Timmy and Mary Conley

Chris and Michelle Connolly

Lindsay Conway

Paul and Leah Cooney

Christina Lynch Culp

Christina DeNovio

J. Alexander DeNovio

Samantha DeNovio

Robert and Dani DeWitt

Matt and Aly Dunn

Colin and Laurie Dunn

Mallory and Pat Dunn

Jake and Teresa Dunne

Leila Finucane, JD

Austin and Jenny Flajser

Michael and Christine Flanagan

Katie Fleiss and Mike Barry

Connor and Katie Fleury

Matt and Maggie Franke

Garrett and Alli Frye

Dominick and Bridget Fuccillo

Grant and Seton Gardner

Charles and Adriana Gartland

Justin and Jolie Gaspard

Dan and Kelsey Glading

Rob and Christine Grant

Jimmy and Alexandra Greeves

Josh and Angela Grossfeld

Sam Guevara

Danny and Whitney Harbison

Burke and Sarah Hayes

Daniel and Laura Hettich

Brandon and Brooke Hines

Barclay and Johanna Howe

Kyle and Jossy Huffstetler

Paul and Mary Hugo

Rev. Mark R. Ivany

Giulia Jaeger

Shannon Johnson

Sean and Maddie Keegan

CJ and Loren Kemp

Joey and Beth Kemp

Emily Kinley

Chris and Elizabeth Kleinman

Alan and Heidi Kline

Reilly Koch

Alexander Perdikis and Dresden Koons

Rita Laddbush

David and Amanda Latimer

Mike and Katie Leasure

Alexander Lee

Jennifer Lee

Victoria Lee

Bryan and Lauren Lennon

Kevin and Jaclyn Madden

Brendan and Lisa Manfreda

Jeevan and Karen Mathura

Brian and Liz McCarthy

Connor and Kelsey McCarthy

Martin and Reenie McCarthy

Bob and Moira McCarthy

Brendan and Meredith McGowan

Tom and Jeanette McHale

John and Isabelle McHugh

Terry and Alex McHugh

Kaitlin McTighe

John and Anna Meenan

Chris and Connie Mitchell

Denis and Katie Mitchell

Dr. Pat and Suzanne Mitchell

Rosa Monge

Brody and Lauren Mullins

John and Gillian Mullins

Jimmy and Katey Nalls

John Nolan

John and Kristin O'Donnell

Peter and Kate Oppenheim

Brendan and Courtney O'Shea

Allison Panzarella

Clark and Katie Pasterick

Patrick K. Phlean

Liz and Krishna Potarazu

Peter and Cristina Prominski

Daniel and Brittany Punaro

Jeff and Jennie Purtell

Tyson and Renee Redpath

Brendan and Emily Reed

Steve and Caitlin Reed

Tony and Katie Rettig

Shane Rexius

Carolyn Robbins

Colin and Sarah Ross

Ben and Brooke Roth

Jake and Cameron Ruppert

Dan and Tiffany Sanders

John and Carrie Schlegel

Lance and Sarah Secrest

Juan-Manuel and Christina Segura

Rob and Becky Shaffer

Brian and Ketrina Sharp

Katherine Ballou and Christopher Sheeron

Mike and Mo Shuler

Doug and Mary Skorny

Doug and Sarah Smith

Steven and Susan Smith

Patrick Soltis

Jon and Erin Sowanick

Rick and Eileen Spencer

Matt and Kate Sullivan

Bret and Meg Thompson

Brandon Vaidyanathan

Kevin and Bridget Monohan

Annie Virostek

Tim and Anne Warren

Stephen and Maureen Zachary

Get Involved

Getting involved by volunteering and donating is a meaningful way to make a positive impact in our community.


As part of its mission, the 83.33 Society hosts family-friendly volunteer activities several times a year.


Help us help those in need.

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