Emerging Philanthropists: For Volunteer, St. Maria’s Meals Feels Like Family Dinner

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Suhail Naber, a government consultant from Rockville, started volunteering with Catholic Charities three years ago when he was looking for a volunteer opportunity to share with co-workers and came across St. Maria’s Meals.

After seeing the immediate impact he had on those in need, Naber became a dedicated Catholic Charities volunteer by joining Hope Corps, the agency’s group of leaders who with staff oversee volunteer projects.

In addition to the joy he gets from volunteering alongside his friends and family, Naber said he enjoys any opportunity to converse with program recipients. He compares his experience serving at St. Maria’s Meals, weekly distributions of hot meals, to a typical family dinner.

“By having a whole group of volunteers and a whole group of clients gathered to share food, it almost feels like a family coming together for dinner,” he said.

“So besides nourishing the bodies, St Maria’s Meals breaks down social barriers and gives an opportunity for folks to talk to one another. At the end of each meal, I can’t help but get a feeling of satisfaction thinking I just had a good time over dinner with some friends.”

He looks forward to more family dinners with Catholic Charities this year.

This is another in a series about the contributions of Catholic Charities’ emerging philanthropists. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit the volunteer page