The Pope Francis Scholars Compass Program

The Compass Program is composed of 10 students who have qualified and received a scholarship from Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington to attend the School of Social Work at The Catholic University of America. During their time as students, they will complete their field placement at Catholic Charities working on the Compass Program. After graduating, they will work as employees of Catholic Charities.

Students who are accepted as COMPASS Partners are active participants in the development and progression of the COMPASS program while gaining valuable hands-on experience in the ever-changing field of Social Work.  

Pope Francis Scholars Information Session

Former Pope Francis Scholars

  • Bi’Anncha Andrews, Class of 2019 
  • Joseph Garnett, Class of 2019
  • Haley Drier, Class of 2019
  • Alease Morrow, Class of 2019
  • Ta-tanisha Hawkins, Class of 2019
  • Maureen Fitzpatrick, Class of 2019
  • Ornella Hegbe, Class of 2019
  • Edward Baffoe-Bonnie, Class of 2020
  • Joseline Araujo, Class of 2020
  • Karen Jones, Class of 2020
  • Ahmed Salimon, Class of 2020
  • Danielle Cromier, Class of 2021
  • Sakira Coleman, Class of 2021
  • Dasia Adams, Class of 2021
  • Raziya Wells, Class of 2022
  • Tanazia Mathews, Class of 2022