The Compass Program

COMPASS is a neighborhood-based, web-accessible mobile team providing intensive case management services to Wards 7 & 8. The Compass motto is “Navigated By You” meaning members direct and lead all interactions.

Responding to the underlying needs and emergent concerns of Residents in Ward 7 and 8 communities,

COMPASS aims to connect, support and work with individuals and families in achieving their goals as they navigate from scarcity to resiliency. Individuals and or families who seek our services are considered members as they direct the interaction, driving their own goals and objectives while having a Compass Partner accompanying them on their journey.

Guided by love and person-centered care, the goal is to:

Strengthen resiliency, promote well-being and encourage income self-sufficiency

By doing so, Compass aims to:

Foster long-lasting relationships through interactions that include case management, community engagement and goal achievement. 

Work with Members to provide web-accessible/mobile case managers, who meet members where they choose-either in the community or in their home.

Help establish synergy around the identified neighborhoods of (Washington Highlands, Bellevue, Congress Heights).

The Compass Program is dedicated to working in and serving Wards 7 & 8 of the District of Columbia, Wards that have statistically fared worse than their counterparts throughout the city.