Why Choose Us?

On-site therapies: At Kennedy, we offer comprehensive supports, to include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, specialized instruction, and behavior management.  Children who have been found eligible to receive Early Intervention Services can have their therapies provided by Kennedy personnel.

Curriculum based on research: At Kennedy, we utilize the Creative Curriculum for all lesson planning and activity programing. Creative Curriculum helps children learn through play, teaching them through four domains including social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.

Highly trained and accredited teachers: All the teachers at Kennedy are either working toward or have already obtained a Childhood Development Accreditation (CDA), or have obtained an Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or a similar field.  All teachers also participate in over 30 hours of training during the year, keeping up to date with changes in the environment and research.

Evaluation Services: Staff are trained to conduct developmental evaluations for District of Columbia infants and toddlers to determine eligibility for Early Intervention Services.  Follow-up assessments are also conducted. The information is shared with the families and used to determine goals, objectives, and services needed in the development of an Individual Family Service Plan.

Small class sizes: Each classroom is licensed to have 8 children per classroom. In each classroom, there are two teachers for a ratio of 1 teacher per every 4 children.

Nursing Services: We have a licensed practical nurse, a residential nurse, and a director of nursing all on site. Each nurse is aware of children’s health needs and areas of focus.