Pope Francis is coming to D.C.

Walk with Francis Pledge FAQ

What is the pledge and how does it honor Pope Francis?

The pledge is built to mirror the many different ways Pope Francis has shaken the world in his papacy – through his deep commitment to prayer, his very visible service to those who are invisible in society, and his passionate and challenging advocacy for social justice in many areas, particularly to improve the condition and future of the world’s poorest families. The pledge offers everyone something they can do to follow in his footsteps.

How can I take the pledge?

It’s very simple! Visit www.WalkwithFrancis.org to take the pledge in one (or more) areas – pray, serve, act. We provide some suggestions for ways to carry out the pledge, but ywe encourage you to do whatever best fits your passion.

How do I get my friends and family to take the pledge?

Through the power of social media! Once you have taken the pledge, take a short video or photo of yourself and share how you will Walk with Francis (literally show us your “Walk” as you describe your pledge). Challenge or encourage someone else to take the pledge. Be sure to tag your post #WalkwithFrancis! We hope to have at least 100,000 people take the pledge.

Why do I need the hashtag?

Posts using #WalkwithFrancis will appear on www.WalkwithFrancis.org and will be how our special gift to the Pope will be created and presented during his visit to our Nation’s Capital.

Tell me more about the gift to Pope Francis.

During his visit in September, Pope Francis will receive a hardcopy book from Cardinal Wuerl containing screenshots of as many of the #WalkwithFrancis social media posts as possible – we hope it is a huge book!

We can’t think of a more powerful gift to present the Holy Father than of people taking the pledge and committing to follow in his footsteps to uplift the poor, give a voice to the invisible and pledge to improve their community.

Do I need to be Catholic or interested in becoming Catholic to take the pledge?

The pledge is open to everyone. Just like Pope Francis, the Walk with Francis Pledge offers something for everyone and is an open-ended commitment that each person can shape to match their own passions and interests in serving the community.

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