Become a Hope Corps Volunteer Leader

Catholic Charities is recruiting energetic and reliable volunteers to serve on the 2019 Hope Corps!

The Hope Corps is a team of volunteers committed to leading impactful volunteer projects across Catholic Charities programs. Hope Corps members are integral to providing meaningful and effective service experiences. They will work alongside staff to teach volunteers about the program and the people accessing services at the program. As team leaders they guide and support new volunteers in recurring project and make sure the projects meet their goals.

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The Hope Corps team members will be responsible for:

  • Leading volunteers in a recurring volunteer project, once a month
  • Overseeing and managing large groups of volunteers
  • Ensuring project tasks are completed in a timely and safe manner
  • Serving as a representative of Catholic Charities by providing relevant and useful information to the volunteers about Catholic Charities and the people and program served by the project
  • Explaining to volunteers the value of the work they are providing and how it fits into the greater mission of Catholic Charities
  • Communicating with registered and prospective volunteers about project logistics
  • Liaising with program staff to ensure project materials and supplies are ready before the event and are returned or properly disposed of following the event
  • Providing updates and feedback to Volunteer Services staff and program
  • Participating in community building activities with staff and other Hope Corps volunteers

Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics:

  • Energetic and fun
  • Ability to lead and manage large group of volunteers
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Ability to keep calm in hectic situations


  • The volunteer must be punctual and reliable
  • Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Improved leadership and communication skills
  • A greater awareness of your community


  • Volunteers will participate in Catholic Charities Volunteer Orientation
  • Volunteers will receive on-site training before their first project
  • Volunteers will be in regular contact with supervisors at their project site and in the Volunteer Services Office

Time Commitment:

  • Volunteers will lead one project a month in 2019. Volunteers will commit to leading at least 9 of the 12 service projects at their project site during 2019.
  • Typically, projects are scheduled for 2 hours and require 30 minutes of preparation.

Project sites are located in:

Washington, DC //  Landover, MD // Rockville, MD // Temple Hills, MD // Silver Spring, MD

Next Steps:

  • Apply to serve in this role  by November 5th
  • Schedule a conversation with our team by contacting Leah Landry
  • Attend the Hope Corps Dinner on Wednesday, November 28th
  • Visit your project site in December 2018 or January 2019
  • Launch your Hope Corps project in January 2019
  • Join us for Fun Quarterly Events in 2019