Hope Corps Volunteer Leaders

What Is Hope Corps?

Hope Corps Volunteer Leaders are Catholic Charities super-volunteers who commit to leading a volunteer project each month for one year.

Every month, the 34 members in the 2019 Hope Corps cohort host two shelter clean ups, two job readiness classes, and four game nights, and help lead twelve St. Maria’s Meals events, two SHARE days, and one Cup of Joe Bagging event.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Hope Corps Member:

  1. Connect more deeply with your community and those who are most marginalized
  2. Make volunteering a priority in your life by committing to a consistent project
  3. Gain valuable leadership experience managing large groups of volunteers
  4. Meet new friends who are also passionate about serving their communities
  5. Teach others about the problems in our communities and learn how to become advocates for their neighbors

How to Get Involved?