Why We Engage Volunteers in the mission of Catholic Charities

At Catholic Charities, we welcome all volunteers to join our Culture of Caring. We believe that each person is endowed with the desire to love and care for others, especially those who society marginalizes and who need assistance. (Since we are Catholic Charities, we believe God made us that way.) So, we incorporate volunteers from all walks of life into our work.

We hope that our volunteers also experience:

  • using skills gained through education and experience
  • learning new skills
  • making friends with people in our care and each other and our team
  • being part of something bigger than themselves
  • growing awareness of purpose and fulfillment through service
  • becoming curious about why people are marginalized
  • awakening to the work of social justice beyond the “first responder” nature of Catholic Charities’ work

Also, for certain volunteers, we hope you fulfill an education requirement here – an internship, service learning hours, or a clinical rotation.

Who We serve

Catholic Charities helps people from all walks of life – ages, races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them experience extreme poverty, and we work closely with them to address its underlying causes: unemployment, abuse, severely compromised health, inadequate education, and more. To each person who comes to our doors, we strive to offer the best services possible, meeting their immediate needs while empowering them to take steps toward self-sufficiency.

Questions? Please see the FAQ or email volunteer@CC-DC.rog

Who Volunteers

Last year nearly 7,000 people volunteered with Catholic Charities to serve our neighbors.

That’s nearly 8x the number of full-time employees at Catholic Charities.  Our dynamic and growing volunteer cadre expands and enhances our ability to serve more than 143,000 individuals each year.

How TO Volunteer

See the many ways to join us here.