Be the reason that
we are able to feed
our neighbors.

As the days get shorter and colder, we sense the excitement of the impending holiday season. It’s a time that represents reflection, gratefulness, and giving back.

The holidays are filled with traditions. For most, gathering around the dinner table surrounded by friends and family for a warm delicious meal is the focal point.

But for those struggling with hunger food insecurity throughout the year, a warm holiday dinner can be unattainable.

Hunger and food insecurity
are pervasive.

1 in 8
is food insecure.

82,000 individuals
experience food insecurity in D.C. 

31,000 children
in D.C.
lack access to a nutritious meal.

This holiday season with your generosity, we will provide individuals and families who struggle with hunger and food insecurity opportunities to fill their pantries, enjoy a warm meal, or a jump start their day with a package of nutritious snacks.

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Catholic Charities is a leader
in the fight against hunger.

Catholic Charities has been on the front lines of the fight against hunger in the region. Last year alone, we provided more than 2.5 million meals to those in need and distributed more than 1 million pounds of food to local pantries. More than 28,000 people were served through our weekly St. Maria’s Meals dinner program, and more than 32,000 people were able to purchase affordable, nutritious groceries through our SHARE Food Network.


This holiday season our virtual food drive will help combat the different forms of food insecurity in our community.​

Southern Maryland Food Bank (SMFB): Holiday Meals 

Did you know this holiday season the Southern Maryland Food Bank is looking to provide area families in need with all the ingredients for a delicious holiday dinner?

Make it a part of your family’s tradition. Help give those in need the opportunity to start a tradition gathered around a warm holiday dinner of their own. Each basket contains all the fixings a family of four will need to prepare a festive holiday meal.

A gift of $50 will provide a holiday meal with a ham for a family of 4.

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The food bank distributes 1 million pounds of food per year, and indirectly supports over 8,000 families and individuals a month through food pantries, group homes, etc. SMFB also operates the mobile Meals and Hope Food Truck, which fills food gaps by delivering hot, nutritious meals weekly to families in need. The SMFB Snack Sak program supports area public schools children and low-income seniors. Nearly 7,500 meals were provided to 225 children and 153 seniors in the last year.

SHARE Food Network: Welcome Home Reentry Program

Did you know that three out of every four individuals released from U.S. prisons are arrested again within five years?

The instability these individuals face puts them at a higher risk of reoffending, creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Our Welcome Home reentry program supports returning-citizens in Prince George’s County and DC with accessible housing, jobs, treatment services, and food assistance.

A gift of $100 would ensure that a returning citizen would receive a SHARE food package filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen protein, and shelf staples. 

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SHARE is a sustainable, social enterprise that helps anyone save money on nutritious, healthy food. Almost 87,000 packages of food were purchased by more than 32,000 people through SHARE in the past year. Each grocery package includes nutritious and affordable items for 16 meals and provides a significant net savings compared to retail groceries. Grocery assistance is particularly important for returning citizens with limited resources who need stability during their period of transition.

St. Maria’s Meals: Bike Brigade 

Did you know we serve about 300 individuals a nutritious meal weekly from St. Maria’s Meals food truck and bike brigade?

Our bike brigade allows us to reach more individuals in need. Our volunteers pedal adult-sized tricycles outfitted with delivery baskets into the community, meeting the homeless where they are.

A gift of $500 will provide protein-packed sandwiches for 60 individuals each week and help to maintain the bikes.

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The weekly service meets the needs of individuals and families who are struggling with hunger and homelessness by providing a warm and nutritious meal, as well as a sense of community and connection. Hundreds of people are served from this mobile food truck in downtown DC on Wednesdays and in Camp Springs, Md., on Tuesdays.

Cup of Joe: ESOL Students

Did you know you could support foreign-born individuals in our ESOL program in Montgomery County with a Cup of Joe snack pack?

By supporting supplemental foods, you help these individuals to focus in the classroom, enabling them to excel in their studies and master our common language. 

A gift of $1,000 will provide a Cup of Joe snack pack for 380 individuals enrolled per class.

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The program ensures a healthy breakfast for those who might not otherwise have access to one. Volunteers packs the “breakfast to go” bags, which are distributed to men and women at Catholic Charities’ eight homeless and transitional shelters, as well as to individuals who study English in Catholic Charities’ ESOL programs before work.


Looking for an opportunity
to volunteer?

Spend a morning at SHARE, preparing food for distribution. Pack “Cup of Joe” breakfast meals with friends or co-workers. Serve a hot meal with St. Maria’s Meals in DC or Camp Springs or Meals and Hope in southern Maryland.