Catholic Charities’ St. Jude’s Project supports families and patients who have been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease or other life-limiting illnesses. Our staff work to coordinate medical care along with emotional support for both patients and their caregivers, tapping into the expertise of Georgetown Hospital’s Huntington Disease Care, Education and Research Center.

Our Services

You aren’t alone to face this challenge. We provide ongoing emotional support in one-on-one sessions, family therapy, group therapy, and more. We would like to partner with you to explore ways to navigate the difficult emotional terrain that comes with a prolonged illness.

Your goals and desires are what is most important, so discover how we can work with you to access the resources you need. We provide support for the patient and the caregiver.

St. Jude’s Project offers a person-centered approach to community-based services including:

· medical care,

· legal support,

· assistance in referrals and coordination of all care,  including transportation, nutrition and meals.

We also draw on the expertise and care of our community partner, Georgetown University Hospital  Center’s  Disease Care, Education, and Research Center and are deeply grateful for their work.