Continuous Quality Improvement Program

Our Commitment to Excellence

Catholic Charities is committed to evaluating its organizational systems and program performance and using its findings to improve agency operations, service delivery, and the achievement of personal outcomes for the people we serve.  The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan has been developed to assure that we have organizational systems that support open communication and continuous learning and improvement throughout everything we do.  By continually monitoring and improving these organizational systems, we can enhance our responsiveness to the needs of those we serve. 

The Board and management of Catholic Charities promote a culture of shared values and leadership that is inclusive of all of our stakeholders, most importantly, our primary stakeholders - the people who come to us in need as well as employees; volunteers; funders; donors; accreditation, licensing and monitoring agencies; non-profit, business and government partners; the Archdiocese and its parishes; and the communities we work in. We are strengthened by our partnerships with stakeholders and collaborate with them as we continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of the services provided.

There are four groupings of Quality Improvement Teams:

1) Program/Department Teams

2) Division Teams

3) Operations Team;

4) Special Action Teams.   

Quality indicators identified here:

Basic Assurances    

    • Individual Service Reviews
    • Evaluations & Monitoring Compliance
    • Personnel Utilization
    • Risk Prevention & Management

Performance & Outcomes

    • Organizational Communication & Learning
    • Outcomes Measurement 
    • Social Capital (Community Impact)
    • Stakeholder Satisfaction / Customer Service
    • Strategic Plan / Short-term Plans

CQI Newsletters

Below are the quarterly Continous Quality Improvement newsletters published for Catholic Charities staff, and available for anyone interested in our ongoing commitment to improving our services!

Fall 2014
Fall 2013
Summer 2013
Spring 2013
Summer 2012
Fall 2012

Client Grievence Forms

Below please find downloadable forms for clients of any of our programs to use to file a formal grievence.

Client Grievence Form

Formulario de Queja del Cliente

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