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THRIVE Independent Living Program

For youth transitioning out of the foster care system, the change can be challenging.  Many youth simply have not been prepared to live independently. Through guidance in planning for educational or vocational training and employment, we are addressing the many challenges youth confront when leaving the foster care system. THRIVE, Catholic Charities' Independent Living program, ensures youth are ready to make the transition into self-sufficiency. 


The goal of THRIVE is to ensure youth who transition out of the foster care system will have stable housing and employment. While in the program, youth will have the opportunity to secure an apartment with our assistance and receive the following services:

  • Staff support 24 hours a day
  • Rental Assistance, including payment or advancement of security deposit
  • Educational and vocational aid
  • Daily visits from case managers
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Recreation and socializing opportunities and
  • Life skills training

Intake: Enrollment into our program is for all youth in the DC or Maryland Foster care system. All potential participants must be employed or in school, as this is a least restrictive program for mature youth who can demonstrate the ability to live in the community with little supervision and who express an interest in strengthening their independent living skills.

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Donate: We provide a host of services and help children who did not have a loving home in which to grow up. We provide the teaching and support to help these youth transition from childhood to adulthood—a transition that is often incredibly difficult to complete. We need your help to do this work. Please donate today.  

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DC Independent Living
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MD Independent Living
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Ph: 202-772-4300 x003
Fax: 202-526-1829

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