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September Menu

Value Package- $22

  • Family pack of chicken drumsticks 3.3 lbs
  • Pollock Filets- 1 lb
  • Bacon- 1 lb
  • Chicken Strips- 1 lb
  • Plus 8- 12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables


Limited Specials  

Mega- Meat Box- $28

Boneless, skinless chicken breast- 4 lbs
Sirloin streaks- 4- 4oz
Turkey tenderloin- 1.8 lbs
Pork roast- 3.9 lbs 

Tempura-fried Shrimp- $23

3 pounds of tempura battered shrimp

Pepperoni Pizza Special- $22

20 five-inch personal pepperoni pizzas

Dessert Box- $16

3 Sara Lee pound cakes, with frozen strawberries, peaches, and blackberries

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