With passionate concern for the challenges facing our most vulnerable neighbors, we are vigorously pursuing a campaign to secure an unprecedented $100 million in funds to support programs and initiatives for three essential priorities:

  • A Commitment to Service Excellence: Transforming the Face of Poverty
    Campaign goal: $55,000,000              Donate Now
    Invests in our existing programs and integrates the new COMPASS program into our portfolio of care.
  • Growth in Our Endowment: Continuing Our Legacy of Service
    Campaign goal: $30,000,000              Donate Now
    Strengthens the endowment and provides annual support for organizational services and increased program resources.
  • An Investment in Our Community: Empowering the Immigrant Newcomer
    Campaign goal: $15,000,000              Donate Now
    Invests in the Newcomer Network, a three-part initiative that will improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable immigrants.

Please join those who already have said, #YesCCADW.
Lend your support today to “Our Community. Our Commitment. Our Legacy.” campaign.

Generations of Giving

As part of their commitment to the campaign, generations of families are pledging to serve our community and create a legacy that inspires others. Their support includes participation in our societies. Among them:

  • Good Samaritan Society recognizes members who have generously included a gift for Catholic Charities in their estate plans.
  • 83.33 Society is a social investment in the Washington, D.C., community by some of the area’s top emerging leaders.

For details on how you can join one of our societies, please contact