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Campaign Executive Committee

Anna and Robert Trone,
Campaign Chairs

Kate and Vince Burke

Laura and William (Billy) Kappaz

 Dresden Koons and Alex Perdikis


Mary Anne and Pat Clancy,
Honorary Campaign Chairs

Carolyn and Matt Carroccio

Kathleen McGuan

Beth and John Veihmeyer


Courtney and R.Scott Pastrick,
Honorary Campaign Chairs

Caitlin McNamara Chalke
and Chris Chalke

Genevieve Murphy

Mary Anne and Kevin Virostek

Serving in collaboration with the Catholic Charities Board of Directors and Catholic Charities Foundation Board of Directors

Campaign Contributors

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Anonymous (26)

Ms. Patricia E. Abaroa

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Abell

Mr. Joseph Agresta 

Ms. Cristina Valdez Aguirre

Javier and Danielle Aguirre*

Mr. Rey Aguirre

Rachel and Arif Ahmed

Mr. and Mrs. David Aleman

Edward John and Anne Allera

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Anderson

The Andreas Foundation

Stephanie and William Angrick

Ms. Debra Anyika

Ms. Jackie Arismendi

Tara and Justin Arras*

Ms. Karen Ashby

Mr. Kip Atlee

Debra Aurigemma

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Avon

Mr. Seme Debel Ayane

Mr. Edward Oswald Baffoe-Bonnie

Ms. Tracie Bailey

Dr. Jeanne M. Barbera

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Barros

Carol and David Bates

Dr. Sam Bauman

Ernest and Lindsey Baynard*

Ms. Gabriella Beckne Balsa

Robin Beckwith

Margie and Bob Bedingfield

Mike Beland*

Kevin and Jane Belford

Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Meredith Bell III

Mr. Daniel J. Beller

Mr. Nicholas Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Teseo Bergoglio

Ms. Cecilia D. Bethke

Patricia Bianchi 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Biggs

Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Billings, Sr.

Scotty and Lauren Billings*

Courtney and Tommy Billings*

Eric and Kristen Billings*

James D. Bishop, Esq.**

Dana Blades

Ms. Barbara Block

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Bloom

Ms. Elizabeth F. Boctor

Mr. Louis J. Boland

Mr. James M. Boland

Cheryl Lynn and Brian Boland*

Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Theresa Boland**

Boland Services

Ms. Clare Bolin

Mr. Erly Dias Brandao

Bill and Katie Breslin*

Mr. Scott W. Brickman

Mrs. Monique Briendwalker

Chris and Anna Brown*

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton A. Brown 

Mrs. Janet L. Brown

Mrs. Patricia Brown

Ms. Sydney Michelle Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Brugger

Joe Bruno

Jennifer and Vince Burke IV*

Joseph and Shannon Burkhart*

Mrs. Hilda Dinora Caddes

Brigid and Nat Calamis*

Marco Calito*

Mr. William Canavan

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Caputy

Ms. Zhaybel Alejandra Cardenas 

Philip Carpenter

Charlie and Courtney Carroccio*

Christopher and Amanda Carroccio*

John Carroccio* 

Matt and Carolyn Carroccio*

Ms. Martha Yolanda Castiblanco 

Caitlin McNamara and Chris Chalke*

Ms. Ana T. Chapa

Ms. Carolina Chaucca

Arashpreet Chhina

Ms. Katherine Chicas

Stacie and Lou Christopher

Mary Anne and Pat Clancy

Mike and Haven Clancy

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Andrew and Kelly Cleary*

Ms. Sarah Coakley

Emily and Chris Coccaro*

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cochetti 

Caitlin and Alex Conant*

Ellen and Steve Conley

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Conley, Jr.

John and Ronnie Conley*

Timothy and Mary Conley*

Stephen and Kristen Conley*

Chris and Michelle Connolly*

Mr. Joseph Connor

Mr. and Mrs. George Conway

Patrick and Lindsay Conway*

Dr. Ann H. Costello**

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Costello

Mrs. Mary Lou Coughlin

Mr. John Cronin

Bryan Cullen

Christina Culp*

Ms. Sandra A. Cupples

Michael F. and Kathleen G. Curtin

Mr. Michael Dalghetty

Ms. Karen E. Daly

Kevin Daly

Mr. Michael Daniels 

Mrs. Stephanie Darling

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davin III

Ms. Yvette Day

Alexis Daye

Carshell DeGale

The Delaney Charitable Foundation 

Mr. Michael Delaney

J. Alexander DeNovio*

Samantha M. DeNovio*

Ms. Susan DePlatchett

C. Maury Devine

Patricia Devine

Danielle and Robert DeWitt*

Alice M. Dillon**

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dombo

Mary Jean Doyle

Mr. Stephen Duckworth 

Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan DuFour

Brittney Dunn K Komeh

Matt and Alyson Dunn*

Rear Admiral Patrick W. Dunne and Mrs. Dunne

Teresa and Jake Dunne*

Mr. and Mrs. William Easby-Smith

Michael Eidsmoe

Bruce and Donna Ellis**

Derek and Emily Elphick*

Monsignor John J. Enzler**

Daniel Erichsen-Teal

Ernst & Young, LLP

Mr. Gordie Ernst

Ms. Jessica Liana Escobar-Alegria

Ms. Florence D. Evans

Mr. Steven Fay and Ms. Amy Fay*

Mr. Daniel Feyissa

Mr. Jarlath M. Finn and Ms. Bernadette Dullaghan

Leila Finucane*

Ms. Michelle Fisher

Michael and Eileen Fitzgerald

Austin and Jenny Flajser*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flanagan

Carl and Cathy Fleming*

Ivys Karina Flores-Herren

Saiy Flores

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Flynn Jr. 

Forster Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Fowler

Mr. Robert Fox

Mr. Jerry Franz

Garrett and Ali Frye*

Angela Fuccillo*

Dominick and Bridget Fuccillo*

Mrs. Melanie Funkhouser

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gallagher

Seton and Grant Gardner*

Chuck and Adriana Gartland*

Jolie Gaspard* 

Ms. Monica Gentile*

Mrs. Nancy Gerdes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gerth 

Ms. Mary Getz

Ms. Maria Giorla

Danny and Kelsey Glading*

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Glasgow, Jr.**

Lulu and Geoff Gonella**

Larry Gooch

Mr. and Mrs. Nihal Goonewardene

Mrs. Beth Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. John Gorman

Ms. Leah Granitz

Rob and Christine Grant*

Jimmy and Alexandra Greeves*

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald R. Gregory

Mrs. Nevila Gremi Junge

Mr. Donald M. Griswold

Josh and Angela Grossfeld*

Genevieve Hannan

Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Hanson

Danny and Whitney  Harbison*

Mr. and Mrs. John Harte

Don and Debbi Hathway

Burke and Sarah Hayes*

Lieutenant Colonel John C. Haynes and Mrs. Karen M. Haynes

Miss Grace Hegarty 

Ms. Susan M. Herbert

Daniel Hettich*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Higgins

Brandon and Brooke Hines*

Mr. and Mrs. Malik Hopkins

Ms. Evette Mellanee Howard

Marlene Howard

Barclay and Johanna Howe*

Ms. Maggie Hudak-Stoiber

Molly and Paul Hugo*

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Inzeo

Reverend Mark Ivany*

Ms. Angela Jewell

Mr. John F. Johnson

Ms. Bettie Jones

Ms. Tricia Jones

Mrs. Nigadel Jordan-Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Judge

Charles Kane

William and Laura Kappaz

Motuma Kebede 

Sean and Maddie Keegan*

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Keegan

Thomas Kelly

Kim and Mike Kelly

Beth and Joey Kemp*

Ms. Jeanne M. Kennedy

Mrs. Kate Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kiernan

Ms. Melinda L. Kimble

Elizabeth Kleinman* 

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Kline*

Mr. Bryan Knowles 

Reilly Koch*

Mr. Alexander Lucas Perdikis and Ms. Dresden Marie Koons*

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koons

Ms. Janet Kubalak

Mrs. Mary Jeannine Ladd

Rita Laddbush*

Dr. Lucciola Lambruschini

Roger and JoAnn Lang

Mr. Joseph Larnardo 

David and Amanda Latimer*

Ms. Elizabeth Lawson

Ms. Marie Le Bouder

Mike and Katie Leasure*

Alexander Lee*

Mr. Franklin Delano Lee

Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Lee

Ms. Jennifer Lee*

Ms. Victoria Lee*

Brian and Elizabeth Lemek

Lauren Lennon*

Stephanie and Dan Lennon

Mr. Scott C. Lewis

Mr. George Lilly

Ms. Nancy Eisold Lindsay

Mr. Nicholas Lombardo

Ms. Nanette Mack

Ms. Terri MacKinnon

Kevin and Jaclyn Madden*

Ms. Donna Maley

Lisa and Brendan Manfreda*

Katherine Marshall and Kirk Ruthenberg

Mr. Robert Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christopher Matan

Karen and Jeevan Mathura*

Mr. Fred Mauren

Anne-Marie Mazza

Elizabeth McCarthy*

Mr. John E. McCarthy, Jr. 

Kelsey and Connor McCarthy*

Moira Holliday McCarthy*

Reenie and Martin McCarthy*

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McConville

Doug and Mary Beth McDaniel

Ms. Sandra McGraw

Ms. Meg McGrew

Kathleen H. McGuan

Mrs. Nancy M. McGuire

Ms. Patricia A. McGuire

Tom McHale*

John and Isabelle McHugh*

Terence and Alex McHugh*

Mr. William H. McKinney

Ms. Mary McNamara*

Jill and Paul McNamara

Mr. Joseph McNamara

Ms. Joyce McNeill 

Mr. Henry Mebrahtu

Mike and Anna Meenan*

Dawit Mekonnen

Elizabeth Meers**

Courtney Byrd Metz*

Ms. MyLan Metzger

Ms. Erin Miles

Ms. Candice Miller

Katherine Miner

Chris and Constance Mitchell*

Denis and Kathleen Mitchell*

Mike Mitchell*

Patrick Mitchell*

Mr. Nick Mona

Mr. Kevin S. Monahan

Ms. Rosa Monge*

Mr. Jason Morda

Carla Moreno

Alease Morrow

John Chisholm and Mary Jane Morrow**

Father John Mudd

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Mundy

John Keaveny Mullins*

Mrs. Genevieve Murphy and J.D. Murphy†

Brigid Myler

Deacon and Mrs. James Nalls

Jimmy and Kathleen Nalls*

Nasser Nazemzadeh

Ms. Margaret Newell 

Dr. Angela Noguera and Ali Fassihi

John Nolan*

Richard Nolan*

Kathleen and Jeff Norris

Ms. Kristine Nugent

Mr. Stephen J. Ochs and Ms. Phyllis L. Ouellette

Ms. Mary O’Connell

Mr. John O’Donnell

John and Kristin O’Donnell*

Terrence O’Donnell and Margaret O’Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Offterdinger 

Mr. and Mrs. William O’Hare

Ms. Patricia O’Malley 

The W. O’Neil Foundation, Inc.

Peter Oppenheim

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Osborn

Ms. Karen Ostile

Bill and Mary Noel Page

Andres and Kate Panza*

Mr. Camillo J. Pasquariello

Anna and Robert Trone** and the RAST Foundation

Clark Pastrick*

R. Scott and Courtney Clark Pastrick**

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Pauley

Mr. William Pauls

Dr. Jennifer A. Paxton

Eben and Colette Peck*

Marsha Peeks

Gustavo Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Perham, Jr. 

Mr. Michael Perini 

Mr. Mark Francis Peterson

Ms. Allison Poullard

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Prominski, Jr.*

Jennie and Jeff Purtell*

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Quinn, Jr.

Miss Kathleen Quinn

Ms. Antonina Radzikowski

Tammy Ramsey

Robert and Rita Reaves**

Ms. Barbara Reck

Tyson and Renee Redpath*

Brendan and Emily Reed*

Patrick M. and Janet N. Regan

Ms. Patricia Reilly

James V. Reyes

Mrs. Jacqueline Rishty

Ms. Luz Maria Rivera

Carolyn Robbins*

Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Charitable Trust

Ms. Stephanie Rochel

Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Roddy

Galen Rodes

Mr. Martin W. Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rosamont

Colin and Sarah Ross*

Barbara and Charles Rossotti

Ben and Brooke Roth*

Ms. Rosario Deleon Roxas

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rubacky

Cameron and Jake Ruppert*

Dr. Ruth Dolores Sanchez-Way and Mr. David Vincent Way**

Tiffany and Dan Sanders*

Ms. Adriana M. Santamaria

Jerry and Janet Scanlan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schiattareggia

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Secrest*

Sal and Andrea Selvaggio**

Dr. Rebecca Shaffer*

Mr. and Mrs. Terence F. Shea

Ms. Paula Sheehan-Kopp

John and Marcia Shooshan**

Mike and Maureen Shuler*

Mr. Elliot F. Simmons and Ms. Denise Capaci

Mr. and Mrs. Shanker Singham

Sisters of the Holy Cross

Douglas and Mary Skorny*

Eleanor Slater*

Doug Smith*

Ms. Maxine Smith

Mr. Michael Smith

Steven O. Smith*

Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Smyth

Jon and Erin Sowanick*

Mrs. Michele Sparks

Ali Sparrow

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spencer*

Mr. Ronald Spritzer

Ms. Kathleen Stack

Hon. Michael & Andrea Steele

Ron and Mary Jane Steele

Mr. Frank E. Stellar

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sturm**

Mrs. Joan Sullivan

Matt Sullivan*

Mr. Richard A. Sullivan

Ms. Barbara Sutton

Ms. Tiffany Swales

Mr. Jason Swann

Mr. Kenneth Swift

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Louis Taplin

Mrs. Sequaya LaShawn Tasker

Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor

Christopher Teynolds

Mrs. Ming-Hsin Thiery 

Bret and Meg Thompson*

Ms. Kathryn Toffenetti 

David Tominack

Mr. Paul Townend 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Treacy, III

Mrs. Carmelita B. Trinidad

United Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Urgo, Jr. 

Mrs. Rosario Uy

Amaechi Uzodimma

Brandon Vaidyanathan*

Mrs. Karen Vassallo

Beth and John Veihmeyer

Luz Velasquez

Mrs. Melody Veltri

Ms. Manola Villar

Annie Virostek*

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Virostek

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wagner

Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner

William Ward

Ms. Sarah Watkins

Mr. Joseph Weiss

Ms. Jeanette Wells

Mr. John Whalen and Ms. Linda D. Rabbitt**

Mr. Glenn Dean White, Jr. 

Tiffany White

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas William Wilbur**

Mr. James F. Willging

Mrs. Agnes Neill Williams**†

Kathie and Mike Williams

Ms. Vivian Wilson

Mr. John Winters

Mr. Charles J. Wolf, II**

Aerlande Wontamo

Sean Wood

His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl

Ms. Julie Yelle

Ms. Laura Yeomans and Mr. Richard Renner

Mrs. Mary B. Yerrick

Ms. Yagin You

Ms. Leslie Yun

As of October 2021 || *83.33 Society Member || **Good Samaritan Society Member || †Deceased