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Campaign Executive Committee

Anna and Robert Trone,
Campaign Chairs

Kate and Vince Burke

Laura and William (Billy) Kappaz

 Dresden Koons and Alex Perdikis


Mary Anne and Pat Clancy,
Honorary Campaign Chairs

Carolyn and Matt Carroccio

Kathleen McGuan

Beth and John Veihmeyer


Courtney and R.Scott Pastrick,
Honorary Campaign Chairs

Caitlin McNamara Chalke
and Chris Chalke

Genevieve Murphy

Mary Anne and Kevin Virostek

Serving in collaboration with the Catholic Charities Board of Directors and Catholic Charities Foundation Board of Directors

Campaign Contributors

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Anonymous (9)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Abell

Rachel and Arif Ahmed

Stephanie and William Angrick

Tara and Justin Arras*

Carol and David Bates

Ernest and Lindsey Baynard*

Margie and Bob Bedingfield

Kevin and Jane Belford

Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Meredith Bell III

Mr. and Mrs. Teseo Bergoglio

Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Billings, Sr.

Scotty and Lauren Billings*

Courtney and Tommy Billings*

Eric and Kristen Billings*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Bloom

Mr. Louis J. Boland

Mr. James M. Boland

Cheryl Lynn and Brian Boland*

Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Theresa Boland**

Boland Services

Bill and Katie Breslin*

Mr. Scott W. Brickman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Brugger

Jennifer and Vince Burke IV*

Joseph and Shannon Burkhart*

Brigid and Nat Calamis*

Marco Calito*

Charlie and Courtney Carroccio*

Christopher and Amanda Carroccio*

Matt and Carolyn Carroccio*

Caitlin McNamara and Chris Chalke*

Stacie and Lou Christopher

Mary Anne and Pat Clancy

Mike and Haven Clancy

A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Emily and Chris Coccaro*

Caitlin and Alex Conant*

Ellen and Steve Conley

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Conley, Jr.

Stephen and Kristen Conley*

John and Ronnie Conley*

Timothy and Mary Conley*

Chris and Michelle Connolly*

Patrick and Lindsay Conway*

Christina Culp*

Michael F. and Kathleen G. Curtin

J. Alexander DeNovio*

Samantha M. DeNovio*

C. Maury Devine

Danielle and Robert DeWitt*

Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan DuFour

Matt and Alyson Dunn*

Teresa and Jake Dunne*

Rear Admiral Patrick W. Dunne and Mrs. Dunne

Mr. and Mrs. William Easby- Smith

Bruce and Donna Ellis**

Derek and Emily Elphick *

Monsignor John J. Enzler**

Ernst & Young, LLP

Mr. Steven Fay and Ms. Amy Fay*

Leila Finucane*

Michael and Eileen Fitzgerald

Austin and Jenny Flajser*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flanagan

Forster Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Fowler

Chuck and Adriana Gartland*

Danny and Kelsey Glading*

Lulu and Geoff Gonella**

Rob and Christine Grant*

Jimmy and Alexandra Greeves*

Josh and Angela Grossfeld*

Danny and Whitney  Harbison*

Don and Debbi Hathway

Burke and Sarah Hayes*

Daniel Hettich*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Higgins

Brandon and Brooke Hines*

Molly and Paul Hugo*

William and Laura Kappaz

Kim and Mike Kelly

Beth and Joey Kemp*

Mr. Alexander Lucas Perdikis and Ms. Dresden Marie Koons*

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koons

Rita Laddbush*

David and Amanda Latimer*

Mike and Katie Leasure*

Roger and JoAnn Lang

Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Lee

Ms. Jennifer Lee*

Ms. Victoria Lee*

Stephanie and Dan Lennon

Kevin and Jaclyn Madden*

Lisa and Brendan Manfreda*

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christopher Matan

Karen and Jeevan Mathura*

Kelsey and Connor McCarthy*

Reenie and Martin McCarthy*

Doug and Mary Beth McDaniel

Kathleen H. McGuan

Ms. Patricia A. McGuire

John and Isabelle McHugh*

Ms. Mary McNamara*

Jill and Paul McNamara

Elizabeth Meers

Chris and Constance Mitchell*

Ms. Rosa Monge*

John Chisolm and MJ Morrow**

Mrs. Genevieve Murphy and the late J.D. Murphy†

Dr. Angela Noguera and Ali Fassihi

Jimmy and Kathleen Nalls*

Kathleen and Jeff Norris

John and Kristin O’Donnell*

Terrence O’Donnell and Margaret O’Donnell

The W. O’Neil Foundation, Inc.

Bill and Mary Noel Page

Andres and Kate Panza*

Anna and Robert Trone** and the RAST Foundation

Clark Pastrick*

R. Scott and Courtney Clark Pastrick**

Jennie and Jeff Purtell*

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Quinn, Jr.

Robert and Rita Reaves**

Brendan and Emily Reed*

Patrick M. and Janet N. Regan

James V. Reyes

Carolyn Robbins*

Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Charitable Trust

Mr. Martin W. Rodgers

Colin and Sarah Ross*

Barbara and Charles Rossotti

Ben and Brooke Roth*

Cameron and Jake Ruppert*

Dr. Ruth Dolores Sanchez-Way and Mr. David Vincent Way**

Sal and Andrea Selvaggio**

Dr. Rebecca Shaffer*

John and Marcia Shooshan**

Mike and Maureen Shuler*

Doug Smith*

Steven O. Smith*

Hon. Michael & Andrea Steele

Ron and Mary Jane Steele

Mrs. Joan Sullivan

Mr. Richard A. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Treacy, III

United Bank

Brandon Vaidyanathan*

Beth and John Veihmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Virostek

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wagner

Mr. John Whalen and Ms. Linda D. Rabbitt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas William Wilbur

Mrs. Agnes Neill Williams**†

Kathie and Mike Williams

Mr. Charles J. Wolf, II**

Mrs. Mary B. Yerrick

As of December 2020 || *83.33 Society Member || **Good Samaritan Society Member || †Deceased