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Become a Volunteer Leader with Catholic Charities.

What is Hope Corps?

Catholic Charities recruits energetic and reliable volunteers to serve as Hope Corps Volunteer Leaders! The Hope Corps is a team of volunteers committed to leading impactful volunteer projects across Catholic Charities programs. Working alongside staff, Hope Corps members lead meaningful and effective service experiences. They guide and support new volunteers in recurring projects, ensure the projects meet their goals, and educate volunteers about the program and people accessing services there. Hope Corps members run a variety of projects, including hosting game nights, serving meals, and leading shelter clean ups. You can read all about the 2019 Hope Corps projects by clicking the button below.

Check Out the 2019 Hope Corps Projects Here!

What do Hope Corps Members Do?

  • Lead volunteers in a recurring volunteer project, once a month – check out the 2019 project list here!
  • Oversee and manage large groups of volunteers to ensure projects are completed in a timely and safe manner
  • Teach volunteers about Catholic Charities, the people and program served, and the impact of the volunteer project
  • Serve as the point of contact between program staff and volunteers
  • Provide updates and feedback to Volunteer Services staff and program
  • Join other Hope Corps volunteers and staff for quarterly community building activities

Who are Hope Corps Members?

  • Adults, 21 years of age or older
  • Energetic and fun
  • Leaders who can manage large group of volunteers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Calm in hectic situations
  • Punctual and reliable

Time Commitment?

Hope Corps projects occur once a month and volunteers commit to leading at least 9 of the 12 service projects at their project site during one calendar year. Typically, projects are scheduled for 2 hours and require 30 minutes of preparation. Hope Corps members also participate in quarterly community building activities with all 30+ Hope Corps members!

Where do Hope Corps Members Serve?

Washington, DC //  Landover, MD // Rockville, MD // Temple Hills, MD // Silver Spring, MD

Next Steps:

Email Leah Landry at to learn more.
Check back in September 2019 when the application opens!
Attend a Hope Corps event as a volunteer now by signing up on our Volunteer Calendar.

“Catholic Charities is an incredibly welcoming community. After a while, it feels like family. We’re all here because of our faith & because we love helping EVERYONE. I love getting to know the diverse group that this organization brings together, both volunteers & clients.”

~Kate, Hope Corps Volunteer since 2015