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Health Care

We offer many programs that address health care needs among families who need access to better health services. We understand the important role health plays as a foundation for empowering and caring for the individual.

Catholic Charities Health Care Network

The Catholic Charities Health Care Network connects low-income and uninsured patients with pro bono specialized health care, referrals only.

Medical Clinics

Our Spanish Catholic Center operates two medical clinics, primarily serving the uninsured Latino immigrant community.

Sanctuaries for Life

Sanctuaries for Life helps women facing an unintended pregnancy make a life-affirming decision through a coordinated network of emotional, material and spiritual support throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Behavioral Health Services

For adults living with mental illness, our Behavioral Health Services offers core services to holistically address their needs.

Anchor Counseling Services

Our Anchor Counseling Services provide one-on-one counseling and therapy services for adults.

Dental Clinics

Our Spanish Catholic Center operates two dental clinics that provide preventive and acute dental treatment for uninsured, primarily Latino and Hispanic patients.

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