Help for Children & Teens

Among the most vulnerable living in the Washington region are children and adolescents.  We recognize and believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow and learn through a loving childhood, that family is the most important key to success and that it takes a community to raise a child.

Sanctuaries for Life

Sanctuaries for Life helps women facing an unintended pregnancy make a life-affirming decision through a coordinated network of emotional, material and spiritual support throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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Developmental Disabilities Services

The Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute offers programs serving children and youth living with a disability. The Kennedy School is a non-public day school for children ages 6 – 22 with disabilities and the Early Childhood Development Center uses an inclusive model to serve both typically developing children and children with disabilities, ages six-weeks-old to three-years-old.

Kennedy School        Early Childhood Development

Strong Families Initiative

Montgomery County Positive Youth Development Groups:
Each group aims to offer youth a safe space where they can speak openly about their challenges, set weekly goals, understand the importance of their words and actions, learn about important life and societal issues, while teaching them what it means to be a positive adult and steps in becoming one.

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School based mental health

The School Based Mental Health program provides support through various services to students, teachers, staff and families. Through partnerships with 18 public and charter schools in Washington D.C., licensed clinicians collaborate with administrators and mental health providers to support students’ mental health needs.

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