FAQs about SHARE

What is SHARE?

SHARE is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to moving healthy groceries at roughly a 50% discount into all homes in the DC area. We accomplish this through high-volume purchasing and thousands of volunteer hours, which strengthens the community for all. SHARE is proud to say that we move more than two million pounds of nutritious food each year into kitchens, often replacing inexpensive and unhealthy choices. Thousands of families rely on us to help them stretch their food budgets a little further each month!

How does SHARE work?

SHARE purchases the best food at the best wholesale prices and passes the savings onto its customers. Staff receives and manages the inventory, using volunteer help to repack the produce from huge containers into family-sized portions. Each month, volunteer organizations (Host Sites) throughout the DC/Baltimore area (including Southern Maryland and one spot in West Virginia) take orders and payments from families in their own community, and then pick up the food on the scheduled distribution day to take back to their neighborhood for distribution to customers.

What is in the SHARE Package?

Typically we offer 4-5 pounds of frozen protein (red meat, chicken, fish or pork), and 8-12 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, often with a grocery item such as beans, dessert, rice, or other staples. This entire package is available for a base price of $22. Anyone and everyone may buy as many packages as they like. Each package is designed to supplement a family’s food budget with savings of up to 50% over grocery retail. We also offer seasonal specials for holidays, grilling, or when we are offered a special buying opportunity.

How can I become a SHARE customer?

There are no income or eligibility guidelines. Anyone and everyone can be a SHARE customer. To begin, click here to find a Host Site near you. Each Host Site is volunteer-run. They follow our SHARE policies as guidelines and each has customized the program to ensure it is successful for their volunteer team and valued customers. Once you have found the Host Site nearest you, contact the coordinator and order your package! When you place your order, make sure to ask your coordinator about the “when” and “where” of the site’s food distribution. We don’t want you to miss out on getting your package!

Each customer is asked to document at least two hours of service to their community each month before buying. Just as volunteers donate time to make SHARE work, we ask that our customers donate time to make their community work.

How can I pay for my SHARE Package?

SHARE accepts credit and debit cards, EBT cards, money orders, and organizational checks. Ask your Host Site coordinator about their preferred payment methods.

Is SHARE a charity?

SHARE is a self-help and resource exchange, organized much like a food cooperative. Each customer we add to our network increases the volume of healthy food in our area and increases our buying power to continue serving the community. Even more importantly, SHARE customers are helping themselves maintain a wholesome and sustainable household.

Will SHARE deliver to my house?

The SHARE Food Network is based on a hub-and-spoke concept, where Host Sites come to our central warehouse to pick up the packages customers have ordered. From there, customers go to their Host Site at a pre-scheduled time to pick up their packages. As we increase our program in scope and size, we are able to get more neighborhoods engaged, bringing the food closer to the customers.

Does SHARE accept food donations?

All of SHARE’s food is purchased fresh each month to ensure each customer receives the same products in the same condition. We partner with the best suppliers in our national network and work hard to buy smart. If you have food to donate, please consider your local food bank, church pantry, or area food drive.

Who volunteers at SHARE?

The face of the SHARE volunteer is as varied as any busy street. The employed, the retired, teens, little children, Scouts, church groups, PTAs, corporate groups, sports teams, schools, fraternities and sororities, and individuals from every sector add to the beauty and strength of SHARE. Each brings fresh eyes, able hands, and a willing heart.

How can I volunteer?

Contact volunteer coordinator, Ninochika Twitty, at (301) 864-3115, ext. 011