Parish and School Outreach

Parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese of Washington are involved in a vast array of charitable works. Catholic Charities seeks to be a partner with the ADW parishes and schools to better serve our brothers and sisters in need. Below is a list of four ways that we can work together.

Parish Service Program

The Parish Service Program (PSP) is designed to assist parish groups create or enhance ministries of service at the parish. This could be a wide variety of programs including but not limited to: Food pantries, substance abuse programs, ESOL classes, programs for those with different abilities, and ministry to the elderly.  What are the needs in your parish?  To find out how to work together with PSP click here.

For more information, contact Deacon Jim Shanahan.

Parish Partners Program

The Parish Partners Program (PPP) works together with parish staff and volunteers to assist families seeking help through Archdiocese of Washington parishes. Parishes have always been seen as sources of help for all people, working each day to meet their community's needs. The Parish Partners Program adds the expertise and services available through Catholic Charities to each parish's efforts, connecting families and individuals with community and Catholic Charities programs.

For more information, contact Laura Yeomans.


Catechesis is an important part of what we do at Catholic Charities. Exposing students to the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching is the guiding principal for all our volunteer activities.

For service oppurtunities available to children, click HERE.

There are a number of programs that allow volunteers of all ages to participate.  Opportunities include the Cup of Joe breakfast program, Joseph’s Coats of Many Colors Coat Drive, SHARE Food Network, food drives, St. Maria's Meals program, homeless shelter cleanups, and more.  The holidays come with additional needs, and we welcome schools at this time and throughout the year.  Our staff is happy to visit to area schools and work with faculty to help provide an interactive learning experience.  We recognize students are not only the future but the present.

For more information, contact Grace Hegarty.

Substance Abuse Education and Services

Catholic Charities Outreach Department has a licensed Substance Abuse Prevention Professional who is available to work with parishes, schools and community groups through education, training, and as a resource towards recovery options.

For more information, please contact Darryl Colbert.

Contact Us 

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Parish and School Outreach Senior Program Manager
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Laura Yeomans
Parish Partners Program Manager
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Darryl Colbert
Substance Abuse Education and Services
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Grace Hegarty
School Outreach Coordinator
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