Become a Philanthropist and Make a Real Difference

Feed the Hungry
Monthly cost – $83.33
Did you know that more than 1,500 homeless people stay in one of eight shelters operated by Catholic charities each tonight?  Mornings often begin on an empty stomach for these men and women. We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and often will be their only food option until the evening. By joining the 83.33 Society, you can ensure that everyone receives a life giving Cup of Joe meal each morning for as little as about $2.75 a day, the equivalent of a daily Starbucks coffee.


Career Empowerment
Monthly cost – $125.00

Recent graduates of our Green Construction program are poised with hope for a better future.  Armed with their new knowledge and skills, they require the equipment necessary to perform their best in their profession. Investing in the future of one graduate with steel-toe work boots is equivalent to a monthly gym membership, and sets them up for sustained success.


Provide Access
Monthly cost – $204.00

Lack of transportation is one of the top barriers for many clients to get to and from work, visit with health care providers, or even make trips to the grocery store. A gift of a monthly unlimited MetroCard, equivalent to several Uber rides, would open many doors for people in need.



Why recurring giving matters
and is key to our success

Recurring donations matter to Catholic Charities. Consistent monthly gifts allow us to better anticipate revenue and expand the possibilities for our impact on those in need. It’s easy to sign up and your donations are automatically withdrawn from your credit or debit card. Your gift will have immediate impact on our community and your continuous support will have a multiplier effect over time.


Your gift is part of a historic campaign
to raise $100 million for our community

Father John Enzler and the Catholic Charities Board of Directors, chaired by Robert Trone, are leading an ambitious effort to raise long-term, sustainable funding for Catholic Charities. Your commitment as a philanthropist to the 83.33 Society will be credited for the first five years to this campaign to raise $100 million. We have a goal to welcome 100 members in this first year to this Society and our collective efforts will contribute $500,000 to this historic effort! Create your legacy to make an impact – now and beyond this campaign.


Join fellow Emerging Leaders
and have an immediate impact

It’s easy to sign up! Join us and know you are feeding someone daily who is struggling with hunger and food insecurity. Click HERE to become a monthly sustainer as part of the 83.33 Society.

As an annual benefit of joining the 83.33 Society, you will be invited to an exclusive philanthropist cocktail party hosted by our Society Chairs. In addition, you will be subscribed to our quarterly newsletter, Giving Back, be listed as a member in and receive our Annual Report, receive an annual personalized giving statement, and have access to volunteer opportunities, networking events, and other special opportunities.



Chris and Michelle Connolly

Executive Committee

Matt Carroccio, sponsorship chair
Emily Coccaro, events chair
Kelsey and Connor McCarthy, recruitment chairs

Founding Chairs and Members

Carolyn and Matt Carroccio
Caitlin McNamara and Chris Chalke
Dresden Koons and Alex Perdikis